Introducing the blog

If you visited crisprflydesign before, you might have realized that we have made very few changes to the website over the past 6 months. In particular the results and news section has been neglected. These sites were initially thought for the rapid sharing of results from ongoing experiments. I think that was very useful at the beginning, when the main question was: “Does CRISPR work in flies?’. We posted some of our earliest successes with the CRISPR system on the site and that hopefully got people thinking about using the system for their own research.

But with every new CRISPR paper that came out the need for such posts became less and less and so the results section eventually dried out. We therefore now merge the news and results pages into the new ‘blog’ category. We plan to use it to discuss new developments in the lab and the CRISPR field, give background information about the tools we develop and and highlight upcoming event that might be of interest.