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Temperature dependent activity of Cpf1

A few weeks ago Antonio Giraldez’s lab posted a new preprint on BioRxiv. The manuscript describes work by Miguel Moreno-Mateos and colleagues, including collaborators from Jennifer Doudna’s group, on the implementation of Cpf1 genome engineering in zebrafish and Xenopus. Cpf1 is an alternative RNA-guided endonuclease to Cas9, which has a number of distinct features that make it an interesting tool…

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pCFD4 PCR protocol

Xu Zhang from Frank Schnorrer’s lab in Munich has send me a kind email sharing his PCR protocol for pCFD4 cloning. This PCR, which introduces both guide sequences into this double gRNA vector, is prone to give background bands. I had several users write to me saying that they, sometimes exclusively, get a smaller band than the desired 600 bp…

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One day CRISPR workshop

The Congento initiative at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown organises a one day CRISPR workshop in December. The focus is on applications to genetically tractable organisms and Frank Schnorrer from the MPI in Munich and I will talk about strategies to engineer the Drosophila genome. Registration is open until November 27th (here). Hope to see lots of you there!