Category: CFD-1

Highly efficient targeting of yellow with transgenic act-cas9 and pU6-3gRNA

Hui-Min Chen and Tzumin Lee Janelia Farm Research Campus, HHMI Here we report a preliminary test experiment combining the act-cas9 (stock CFD-1) with two different gRNAs targeting yellow expressed from either the U6-2 or U6-3 promoter. The pU6-gRNAs were stably integrated into the genome and transgenic flies were crossed to CFD-1 flies. Offspring inherit a wildtype yellow allele from the…

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Inducing mutations in ebony with the act-cas9 flies

Fillip Port and Simon Bullock MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK The act-cas9 and nos-cas9 transgenics were generated in a yellow1 mutant background, making targeting yellow a little complicated and not ideal as a positive control. We therefore wanted to target another visible marker and settled for ebony, as it is very easy to identify during screening. This experiment…

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Targeting yellow with the act-cas9 flies

Fillip Port, Madalena Reimão-Pinto and Simon Bullock MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK While making the cas9 transgenic lines we were very keen to test the system, so we started our first experiment with the very first transformants. Our injection of the act5-cas9 construct was quite successful and we got a good number of transgenic flies, which were used to…

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